Scale new heights with a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall

Want to try something a little different at your next event that is eye-catching and exciting? Over the last few years, Rock Climbing has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK.

Many companies can now bring a Mobile Climbing Wall to you. Whether for a Corporate, School or anything else, many can cater for all types of event directly at your location!

With most standing just shy of eight metres tall, the Mobile Rockwall stands above the crowds at events and is a huge attraction to those in and around the area. With 4 sides available to try on the Rockwall, a high throughput can be achieved for those busy events as well as providing variety for climbers.

Featuring automatic belay systems, the Mobile Climbing Wall allows up to 4 climbers to climb simultaneously in complete safety. With many different climbing routes on each of the 4 rock faces, we can find a challenge for anyone and everyone from beginners to those slightly more experienced!