Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some common questions and answers about Mobile Rock Climbing Towers. Please do not hesitate to suggest any that we may have missed off!

What else can a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall be called?
Depending on the country or region you are in, Mobile Climbing Walls are referred to in various ways such as Portable Climbing Tower, Mobile Rockwall, Trailer Wall, Mobile Rock Climbing Tower, Drop a Rock, Portawall, The Rock, Rotating Climbing Wall, Revolving Climbing Wall, Mobile Bouldering Wall, Rockclimbing Wall, Climbing Wall Hire, Climbing Tower Rental and many others!

What is a Mobile Rock Climbing Wall?
The sport of Rock Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Mobile Rockwalls allow this sport to be taken into the community to allow those people who would never normally get a chance to try it to have a go. There are 3 main types of Mobile Rock Climbing Walls – Towers, Rotating Walls and Bouldering Walls. Most Portable Climbing Walls will allow between 2 and 6 people to climb at any one time.

Who can use a Mobile Rock Climbing Tower?
Most of the population is the simple answer! Generally, there is a minimum age or weight limit which excludes children under 5 or 6 years old. There is usually no maximum age limit but often a maximum weight limit of around 18 – 20 stone. People under the influence of alcohol or other substances should not climb for safety reasons. Neither should those suffering from related previous medical history or those who are pregnant.

Where can I use a Portable Rock Climbing Wall?
Mobile Climbing Walls can be used in a vast variety of locations but as they are often on quite large trailers, access needs to be suitable. Generally, they need to operate on flat/level ground. Due to their height when in operation they need to be away from overhead obstructions. For obvious reasons they cannot be used in times of thunder and lightning and most have a threshold for wind speed as well (often 30mph).

Which company should I book my Mobile Climbing Wall through?
You need to find a Rockwall operator that is local to you as once large mileages are involved the costs go up very fast. Additionally, when booking, check that the company you book with is actually the Mobile Rock Climbing Wall company and not just an agency as otherwise, you are paying for an agency fee when you do not need to. Also, check how old their wall is as some can be over 10 years old and in poor states of repair. Also check that the company have the correct Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessments and suitably trained staff. Instructors should also hold First Aid Qualifications and be CRB checked (in the UK) if working with young people.

How can I book a Mobile Climbing Tower for my event?
Go direct to the companies listed in this directory for a quote and they will be able to inform you of availability and their booking procedures.

Is a Mobile Climbing Wall safe?
Mobile Rockwalls generally have very good safety records as long as they have been maintained and run in accordance to their operating procedures.

How high is a Portable Climbing Wall?
This generally depends on the country that you are in as traffic regulations will affect the type of trailers that can be produced and used there. Small walls start at 6m high and some of the tallest are over 10m in height when erected.

What sort of clothing should people climb in?
Much of this depends on the weather conditions but generally, loose fit clothing is best as it allows greater flexibility. Climbers are best advised to wear clothing on their upper body to prevent any rubbing from the harness and some form of footwear is also advisable as the holds can be abrasive.

I have a Mobile Climbing Wall, how do I get listed on this site?
Get in Contact with us! Look for more information on the ‘List your Climbing Wall‘ section. Please note: we will require a reciprocal link back us which must be added before we list your company.

The information above is a guide only and you are advised to do your own research on the subject as the factors above will vary according to Country, Manufacturer, etc.